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How it works

We are a traveling Intensivist. We hold 9 day intensive therapy sessions during which each patient will receive an initial evaluation, 2 separate 1 hour sessions EACH DAY!

Each 9 day Intensive has a 4 patient limit.

Pick A Date and Location

We currently have no availability for the upcoming  dates scheduled through the end of 2025. Please check the "dates & locations" page for updates on cancelations and/or added intensives. We will also be announcing on instagram @njpfa and Facebook /njpfa 

See our announced dates HERE


Costs and Charges

The flat rate for the 9 day Intensive is required to book. Please email for latest prices. Additionally, each family will be required to pay an equal share of our travel costs (accommodations, flights, rental car). Payments are accepted through our website using credit / debit cards. 

The flat rate payment is required to reserve your spot. Travel costs are then calculated once all 4 spots have been filled and travel arrangements have been made. The travel costs are divided equally and charged to each of the 4 families participating. 


The Intensive

Each family will receive 2 hours of 1 on 1 therapy a day, for 9 days. 

The first hour of therapy will take place during morning hours, and the second hour will take place during the afternoon. The break time is essential for the therapy to work!


On Going Support

Like all good things, the path towards sufficient eating and swallowing takes time. Our 9 days together is not the end of our treatment and relationship!

We provide long term success plans and ongoing support and communication to ensure the success of each of our patients.

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